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Steps To Choosing The Best Food For Your Dog

Steps To Choosing The Best Food For Your Dog

Not all brands of dog food come with the perfect mix of nutrition that you would be seeking to provide your pet dog with the best dog food. There are many options to choose from different brands, but it is better to understand what are the essential daily requirements your pet dog would need since every dog is different from the other by way of a breed, age size, weight, and eating capacity. Choosing the best food can be confusing so it would be better to discuss your dog’s nutritional requirement with an expert veterinarian and a bit of self-help research to provide your pet dog with a trusted brand of premium quality food. Read through some essential steps to choosing the best dog food for your dog:

  • Measure The Quantity Of Dog Food: It is critical to know the calorie count of how much your dog regularly consumes every day which can be done with the help of a measuring cup. Once you have a fair idea, then it would be easier to buy the brand which has matching calorie requirement and other dog treats to feed your dog. It is because different breeds have different requirements.


  • Check Your Dog’s Body Fat Levels: It would be wise to get your dog checked by a vet doctor to assess how healthy is your dog. Dogs with palpable ribs would indicate they are easy to touch, have slight fat covering, are noticeable, and care must be taken that their abdomens would not bulge out from the sides.


  • Age and Active Lifestyle of Dog: Your vet will assign a proper meal plan which has more fat and protein for young dogs and leaner meat for older ones that meet the calorie requirement based on the age factor, type of activity, how much action done and the time spent outdoors by your pet dog.

  • Get Your Dog Assessed For Proper Nutrition: Getting a physical examination done by a veterinarian which includes checking vitals like pulse, breathing, pain intensity and body temperature of your dog would help in providing adequate nutrition plan to buy best dog food for your pet.


  • Keep A Track On Your Dogs Weight: This can be done as a regular practice by making your dog stand over a weighing scale alone if not you can stand by holding your dog and subtract your body weight to determine the amount of weight gain or loss for your dog’s health.


  • Choose Diet With Protein, Whole Grains And Add More Variety: Buying a diet which is rich in protein like meat, chicken, beef and including whole grains like wild rice or brown rice. Canned food and kibble adds variety. These would be a better choice to switch your dog food into a healthy nutritious meal.
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