Health is a significant importance to both owner and the breed in general. Your dog’s health is significant to the time and effort to maintain a high quality of life for you and your dog. For dog fanciers, the breeders and the STCA, health takes on even more import. Scottish Terrier breed health is consequence of the collective actions of all past and current breeders and determines the current success and future of the breed.

This section covers a spectrum of health related topics including:

  • Common genetic health issues for the Scottish Terrier – including information for both breeders and owners
  • The Scottish Terrier Health Trust Fund which is a non-profit (501c3) organization within the STCA that:
  • Collects information on the health of the breed
  • Selects, awards and reviews research projects investing health issues in the breed
  • Collect money to fund these projects (please Donate!)
  • The STCA Library (ScottiPhile) which is collection of articles written about various health issues and healthy procedures.
  • Health registries which are repositories for tracking various health attributes. Registries strive to collect information on one or more diseases or health characteristics. Ideally the particular attribute is measured with a rigorous evaluation methodology or test.  Depending on the registry, the information is then made available to everyone (open) through just those who contribute (closed). The goal of registries is provide a comprehensive picture of the health of the breed to facilitate the breeding process.
  • The 2005 Health Survey was a census conducted with STCA members, Scottish Terrier breeder and owners. The article contains basic evaluation of this data.

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