Here is some information which may help you in your search for a Scottie.

If you think you want a Scottie, then you want to find a knowledgeable,
reputable, ethical, and good breeder who is an AKC BREEDER OF MERIT!
A good breeder will want to know how the puppy is getting along, want to be
in contact with you after the sale,and is there as a source of information and guidance.
They should be willing to take the dog back if it doesn’t work out
and give you back the purchase price, and that agreement
should be in writing..To determine who you are dealing
with, ask these pertinent questions:
1. How many champions have you made?
If they say they have show quality, but they don’t show, how can they know
if the dog would be show quality? We have made over 200 champions in over 30
years of showing. This is the test for a healthy and friendly dog who has no skin
allergies, a beautiful outgoing and loyal friend.
2. Are you an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Good Scotties are worth waiting for.
Most good breeders do not always
have puppies available, and seldom have more than a few litters a year.
You may have to wait until puppies are ready to go to a new home.
Don’t be so eager that you grab the first puppy available when you know
that breeder could have done things better. Don’t take home a Scottie from
a dirty or bad environment thinking you are saving that puppy. That rewards
the breeder and they just have more puppies in that same awful place.

Do contact the breeder frequently.
The breeder wants to know you well. Send some details about yourself and
be ready to complete an adoption questionairre. Write frequently.
A good breeder will want their puppy to live where it will be safe,
part of the family, get good quality time with the family, receive good vet
care, good food, and sleep comfortably.


Some people are looking for a bargain. Because the pup has AKC papers does
not mean it is a quality puppy. In reality you get what you pay for. The AKC is
not a seal of approval. It is only a registry. Like a license plate
registers your car, it can be a dream machine or a jalopy.
AND other registries like CKC may not be registering quality lines.
Don’t confuse CKC with Canadian Kennel Club.
The puppy you adopt will be your family member for a lifetime so
be sure you get the best you can to avoid a lot of vet bills later..

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