They obtain puppies from puppy mills.
Newspaper ads can also be for puppies
produced by people who are either breeding for cash only,
or really love their dogs but don’t have the knowledge
needed to produce puppies without health problems or
that meet the written standard. The going price for a well bred
Scottie with a known pedigree. (champions in the first two generations) is
generally from 2 to 3 thousand. You will get what you pay for! A dog with a known
family history of health and good nature, as well as a beautiful pup.
Vet bills for a $500 dog may cost you thousands over the lifetime
which may be short..

This does not mean that the puppy is show quality.
But it may grow up to be one that looks like a show dog.
From a good pedigree, Scotties are usually very handsome.
Many people say, I don’t want a show dog. You may not get one.
That is normal for a person who only wants a pet. But pets differ.
Who wants a pet that is unhealthy and scratches from allergies all the time?
A Scottie should look like one. The shelters have some terrier mixes
available if looks are not important. These dogs need a home too.

What is to be invested after the purchase can differ also. A puppy with
health problems is not a bargain. A conscientious breeder will give a firm
guarantee. When you haven’t bought a pup in a long time, it often causes
sticker shock. A breeder who really cares doesn’t cut corners. The pups have
all their shots, and you know what the vets are charging these days. Puppies
are fed high quality food often several dollars a pound..
Often litters are small, and sometimes are born C-section
due to birthing difficulties also adding to breeders costs. Your cost almost
never gives a profit when overall cost to the breeder in showing, vetting, and
caring for them is said and done. A hobby costs money. A good breeder is
not a cash breeder, but breeds to enjoy the fun showing and can’t keep them

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