Locksley Scotties - Adoption Is A Loving Option.
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Locksley Scotties

Adoption Is A Loving Option.

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We can help you find the right nutritious food for your unique dog to stay healthy and active.

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About Us

We at Locksley Scotties are trying to make our dog’s life easier by providing them with good training and habits to help one set up for adoption.

Meet Your Perfect Pet

We have a variety of dogs where you can see their personality and decide for yourself the right dog for you. Most of our dogs are a rescue, and with a new home can thrive on being their beautiful self.

Fluffy Tigger

Adoption number 22043243
Type Cat
Gender Female
Race British Shorthair
Age 3 years
Color Black
Owners Unknown

Little Smokey

Adoption number 22043244
Type Dog
Gender Male
Race Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix
Age 2 years
Color White
Owners Unknown


Adoption number 22043245
Type Dog
Gender Female
Race Half-breed
Age 3 years
Color Gray
Owners Unknown

Give The Right Food

There is a specific kind of diet one has to keep to ensure that the doggies are doing good, we can help you with the schedule allowing you the ease of time.


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  • Demonstrating a canine is a game which is appropriately called 'compliance'. Another word for compliance would be 'structure'. What you are indicating an appointed authority in the show ring is the structure of your pooch. On the off chance that your canine is all around organized stopping, their development ought to mirror that. So there are two bits of indicating a canine, standing or 'stacking', and moving your pooch. To begin with, you should realize what abilities a show hound requires. Regularly, when individuals start to show a doggy, the absolute first thing the little guy learns is to sit. In any case, sitting is the absolute last thing a show hound needs to do. Show hounds need to figure out how to stand, and to be extremely open-minded of individuals getting and putting, or 'stacking', their paws.

    Rodeo at seven weeks old

    At the point when you initially get your little dog, place an equivalent accentuation on requesting that your doggy sit, and requesting that your pup stand. Most everybody has shown a puppy to sit. However many less have endeavoured to show their canine to stand. Here's a brisk tip: when your little guy has sat, take a treat, pull it gradually away from their mouth in a line corresponding with the floor. First the little guy will lean forward, and afterwards endeavour to stand. When they stand, acclaim them, "Great stand, Fido." and award with the treat. On the off chance that your puppy is hesitant to stand, utilize your other hand to put a little weight on their gut to help get them into position. Since your puppy is in a stand, it's a smart thought to have a treat that requires some exertion on their part to chow down on. A bigger milk bone or string cheddar are incredible approaches to begin. Your little guy will be centred around what is in your grasp, and less on what you are doing. Begin playing with their paws, lifting them up and putting them down. You don't need to stress over a specific situation now. The thought is simply permitting your little guy to be content while you are taking care of their feet and legs. Rodeo Along these lines, if stacking and moving are the two aptitudes your puppy needs, the subsequent thing to get your little guy used to is moving nice and easy with you, on a wide range of surfaces. Normally a show ring will have a type of elastic ground surface to abstain from slipping both of the individuals or canines. In the event that you can discover someplace to rehearse with a comparative floor type, that is ideal. Talking about ground surface sorts, one other thing must be said about show hounds. They are certain pooches. They are very much mingled in light of the fact that an appointed authority can pardon or exclude a canine that snarls or nips, or is forceful in the ring. Each pooch ought to be very much mingled. A show hound is outstandingly mingled.

    Breed Specific preparing

    Each breed is decided in the show ring dependent on their variety standard. This standard depicts in incredible detail the perfect example of some random variety. In the event that you are investigating indicating a canine, and have not perused the standard for your variety, presently is unquestionably an opportunity to do that. Snap here to be taken to the total rundown of breeds in the American Kennel Club. Snap-on your variety to see more data and the various standard. When you know about your norm, you can take a gander at your little dog and start to figure out how to put their paws to demonstrate them to the best preferred position. Search for winning pictures of mutts of your variety, perceive how the handlers have them stacked. That is a decent spot to begin. Breed Specific preparing

    The Big Secret

    Presently, here is the big mystery about indicating hound. It's not about the canines. The handler (human) is similarly significant. In the event that you think indicating hounds is tied in with having the best canine out there, you are gravely mixed up. In the event that you need to be not kidding about demonstrating your pooch, there are abilities and decorum that you have to learn. Here are several interesting points: As I referenced before, judging and indicating hounds is to pass judgment on them against the perfect of their variety. Yet, there is nothing of the sort as the ideal canine. Each canine has a deficiency. The activity of pooch handler is to introduce their canine under the watchful eye of the appointed authority in the most ideal manner....

  • Scottish terriers are just around 10 inches tall and weigh approximately 18 to 22 pounds (eight to 10 kilograms). They have a particular facial hair that highlights the gag, long eyebrows and a wiry external coat that brushes the ground like a long skirt if untrimmed. The coat, which sheds pretty much nothing, likewise gives great assurance in awful climate. The shading is streak, dark, dim or wheaten. The Scottie's ears are flimsy and stand straight up. The back is short, level and solid, and the tail is set high. Scotties have a decent future of around 12 to 15 years.


    Scottish terriers are regularly depicted as a major canine in a little pooch's body. They are feisty, autonomous, and once in a while sensitive. As grown-ups, their conduct can get surly. A few Scotties take to just a single individual. Scotties can be forceful with different pets and demanding about preparing. In one overview, Scotties positioned high on speaking harshly to kids and may not be a decent decision for families with exceptionally little youngsters. The pooches can, notwithstanding, coexist with more seasoned youngsters whenever treated deferentially. In contrast to some different canines, they don't request extraordinary measures of consideration from their watchmen. They make magnificent house pets for the individuals who might take pleasure in their occasionally peculiar character and have the option to give delicate yet firm dealing with. Scottish terriers

    Living With

    On the off chance that a Scottie's wiry coat is kept long, it will require brushing a few times week after week. The coat can be that as it may be cut. Cutting by an expert custodian is encouraged to keep the hair on the head and around the tail under tight restraints. Scotties need reasonable measures of activity and do well living in the city or nation. Day by day strolls or dances in a fenced-in back yard will get the job done. Since Scottish terriers were reproduced to seek after little creatures that live in underground nooks, these pooches are regular diggers, so care must be taken to see that they don't uncover from underneath a fenced-in yard. It is additionally best not to let them off rope outside of a contained region.


    Scottish terriers, casually and affectionately known as "Scotties," started in Aberdeen, Scotland. From the start, the variety was known as the Aberdeen terrier. These canines were reared to pursue fox, badger, hare and other little creatures that live in lairs. The variety goes back to the 1700s, yet improvement of Scotties into the variety we realise today didn't come until the late 1800s, and the main Scottish Terrier Club was not framed in Scotland until 1882. Scottish terriers were acquainted with the United States in 1883. They turned out to be better known among Americans in the following century since President Franklin Roosevelt's pooch, Fala, was a Scottie....

  • Not all brands of dog food come with the perfect mix of nutrition that you would be seeking to provide your pet dog with the best dog food. There are many options to choose from different brands, but it is better to understand what are the essential daily requirements your pet dog would need since every dog is different from the other by way of a breed, age size, weight, and eating capacity. Choosing the best food can be confusing so it would be better to discuss your dog’s nutritional requirement with an expert veterinarian and a bit of self-help research to provide your pet dog with a trusted brand of premium quality food. Read through some essential steps to choosing the best dog food for your dog:

    • Measure The Quantity Of Dog Food: It is critical to know the calorie count of how much your dog regularly consumes every day which can be done with the help of a measuring cup. Once you have a fair idea, then it would be easier to buy the brand which has matching calorie requirement and other dog treats to feed your dog. It is because different breeds have different requirements.
    • Check Your Dog’s Body Fat Levels: It would be wise to get your dog checked by a vet doctor to assess how healthy is your dog. Dogs with palpable ribs would indicate they are easy to touch, have slight fat covering, are noticeable, and care must be taken that their abdomens would not bulge out from the sides.
    • Age and Active Lifestyle of Dog: Your vet will assign a proper meal plan which has more fat and protein for young dogs and leaner meat for older ones that meet the calorie requirement based on the age factor, type of activity, how much action done and the time spent outdoors by your pet dog.
    • Get Your Dog Assessed For Proper Nutrition: Getting a physical examination done by a veterinarian which includes checking vitals like pulse, breathing, pain intensity and body temperature of your dog would help in providing adequate nutrition plan to buy best dog food for your pet.
    • Keep A Track On Your Dogs Weight: This can be done as a regular practice by making your dog stand over a weighing scale alone if not you can stand by holding your dog and subtract your body weight to determine the amount of weight gain or loss for your dog’s health.
    • Choose Diet With Protein, Whole Grains And Add More Variety: Buying a diet which is rich in protein like meat, chicken, beef and including whole grains like wild rice or brown rice. Canned food and kibble adds variety. These would be a better choice to switch your dog food into a healthy nutritious meal.